Business Sustainability Consultancy Office


Our goal is to help our clients create and deliver added value to both their business or organisation and society through effective corporate responsibility and charity strategies.

Our team is experienced in every corporate responsibility and sustainability area that businesses need to succeed. Additionally, our creative and communications team ensure initiatives are communicated to various stakeholders with the right messaging and materials.

Similarly, we have NPO and community experience within our team to help NPOs with their brand positioning, marketing and fundraising strategies and implementation.

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We believe your corporate responsibility and sustainability strategies must be fully integrated into your business strategies, processes and culture to truly maximise returns.
We work alongside corporate leadership teams to benchmark where they stand versus competition in terms of corporate responsibility.
We help identify objectives and develop innovative and sustainable strategies that will put them ahead of their peers.
We change the way that they do business by ensuring corporate responsibility is properly embedded throughout the organisation.


We believe that it is critical to set up measurement systems and processes to capture all the relevant data so that companies can evaluate the effectiveness of their CSR programmes.

By using the data and learnings, companies can improve their programmes – whether it’s a community project, an environmental or supply chain activity. We work with our clients, using ‘Return on Social Investment’ model (ROSI) to ensure that they are able to measure the corporate benefits as well as the social benefits.

We help them identify KPIs, set up measurement systems, ensuring that the data capture and evaluation process is simple and easily understood by everyone inputting the data. This involves running training sessions to embed the behaviour across the business.

We can help companies analyse their data and extract learnings to add independent comment and recommendations to make improvements to their programmes.

Community programmes

We can help organizations to identify and set up long-term community programmes , we link community causes to commercial objectives, bringing benefit to both.

We work closely with both the corporate responsibility and marketing functions to identify the ‘cause heartland’ that fits with the brand’s positioning or company’s values and business objectives.

Next, we create and develop an innovative programme that creates huge stand out, engaging internal and external stakeholders.

Through strategy and planning, we assist with the implementation of the programme, including helping select NPO partners, identifying KPIs and setting up monitoring and evaluation systems.

Community partnership (ppp)

Having experience on helping both corporates and public sector with community partnerships, we understand what it takes to make a successful community partnership for the corporate, the public sector and the communities they help.

To start, we identify where organization can make the greatest impact in the community and find the best partner to execute the programme. We facilitate the working relationship between the partners, including monitoring and reviewing the partnership.

Building capacity

People are at the heart of everything that an organisation does, be a charity or a corporate. Your success relies on their dedication and skills. We can help you manage, train and inspire individuals and teams at every level. Our results-oriented approach is always focused on improving performance to boost income. We offer:

Assistance in recruiting the best possible staff – from advising on roles and responsibilities, setting organization structure, to help with selection and interviewing.

One-to-one mentoring and coaching of fundraisers and program managers which brings out the best in individuals and meets their developmental needs;

In-house training and coaching of teams on core fundraising and management skills as well as a range of subjects that can be tailored to your specific needs – for example, improving commercialism in corporate fundraising teams;

In addition, we help getting funders with an interest in the particular charity sector


For companies to benefit from their CSR activities, it is essential that their stakeholders are aware of what they are actually doing. It does seem obvious, but it surprises us just how many companies don’t communicate their initiatives as effectively as they could.

Many companies find it difficult to navigate through this minefield of sustainability and marketing communications; getting the message wrong (either in content, contextually, or in tonality) can undo all the good work your company or brand is doing.

With more companies creating corporate responsibility activities, how do you communicate your activities in a way to differentiate your company or brand and stand out from the ‘noise’, whilst avoiding being perceived as a ‘me too’ or ‘green wash’?

We help our clients develop effective communication strategies for both internal and external communications, including identifying:

WHO to talk to (the different target audiences)

WHAT to say (developing the appropriate messaging for each audience)

WHEN to say it (audience and messaging roll-out sequence)

HOW to say it (guidance on content and tonality for each audience)

and WHERE to say it (guidance on the most appropriate communications mediums to use for each audience).

Our creative teams can create copy content and design the comms and marketing materials for your corporate responsibility communications, or if you have a roster PR/advertising agency, we can work closely with them to guide them in the appropriate content, language and tonality to use

Stakeholders engagement

With the rise of social media and the speed of communication, stakeholders now have a huge influence over an organization or brand’s reputation. Consumers determine their success or failure.

Organization need to understand stakeholders’ needs and expectations in order to respond accordingly and stay one step ahead. We conduct a range of stakeholder research using focus groups, online surveys, in-depth one-to-one interviews and round-table talks. A two-way dialogue is essential, whether we’re reviewing existing activities or sense-checking new ideas.

Knowledge exchange

We conduct a range of presentations, seminars and workshops to help CEOs, CR, Marketing and HR Directors or other key people across your business get ‘up to speed’ on the latest CSR and sustainability issues, opportunities and best practice and case study examples of how corporate responsibility can add value to your business.

We can run a ’ Think Tank’ group comprises senior external CSR, sustainability, NPO and industry experts whom we built relationships with over time. We often involve them in client projects for additional perspective from idea generation through to ‘sense checking’ ideas.

Employee volunteering

One of the essential successes of any corporate responsibility programme is the buy-in of key stakeholders and no group is more important than a company’s employees. It is essential that they become truly engaged in the company’s CSR programmes if they are to become embedded within the organisation’s operations, culture and DNA.

We work with our clients to fully engage their employees in corporate responsibility activities. Starting with initial employee research and consultation, we help create employee volunteering programmes and then develop the communication plans and materials.

We make sure our clients use best practice in their employee engagement and volunteering initiatives. We help measure the benefits this brings to their company in terms of employee motivation and their perception of the company. We can also help you benchmark your programme versus your peers.


One of the most important element of the CSR initiatives is to communicate your achievements to the stakeholders.

We help organizations to generate CSR/Sustainability report with international standards such as the GRI (Global Reporting Initiatives ), Global compact and ISO26000.

Social Audit

The more the establishments disclose more information about their financial and non-financial performance, this will lead to an increase in the percentage of community members’ confidence in them. This has led to an increase in the establishments ’interest in issuing and publishing annual reports on their performance in the field of sustainability, social responsibility or community service.