Business Sustainability Consultancy Office

“And to business men of our beloved country I say to them: you are partners in development, and the state is working to support the private sector opportunities to contribute to the development of the national economy, you are part of the components of this nation who gave you a lot of facilities, privileges, and waits from you as well as a lot, you have a duty to contribute with clear initiatives related to employment and social & economic services. “

“We do not also need to target middle-income, we maintain the middle & low-income on the subsidy programs.”


MOST MAJOR ORGANIZATIONS NOW INCORPORATE CSR AND SUSTAINABILITY AS A CORE PART OF THEIR STRATEGY AND IN DOING SO ARE INCREASINGLY DEMANDING THEIR SUPPLIERS AND/OR PARTNERS DO THE SAME. Today, CSR/ Sustainability is one of the fastest growing issues across the business world, as companies increasingly recognise that real and sustained value can be generated through well managed strategic CSR and sustainability programs. Society has an increasing impact on business. Every organisation must now manage a range of ‘stakeholder’ groups, both internal and external, which have the power to influence the success or failure of the business’s core objectives. The essence of a strong CSR program is to recognise the impact these stakeholders have on the success of your business’s objectives, and manage these relationships in a way that delivers enhanced value for your company, whilst also doing what is right by these groups. This approach can win you new customers, save costs, and significantly enhance your brand and reputation.

About us

We are a corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability consultancy, working with corporates, NPOs and government departments.

We help our clients manage the risks and exploit the opportunities from social and sustainability issues in order to create positive stand out and gain a competitive business advantage from their CSR strategies.

With our team who have over 10 years of experience working with companies, government bodies and NPOs, we have an unrivalled knowledge of business, branding and social and sustainability issues to ensure we have the right tools and approach to help our clients deliver sustained business growth and profitability while creating benefits to society and the planet – delivering good value for all.